OmniBoot v1.5

OmniBoot as PXE-Server

OmniBoot's PXE-server, located in the netboot-submenu, is based on the matchless distro-module Slitaz. This server offers the boot-files of OmniBoot to other (possibly disk-less) LAN-clients that boot with the help of a pxe-enabled network device.1

The OmniBoot server starts with the following defaults:

Server IP
Server Netmask
DHCP start IP
DNS Server IP
Router IP

No customizations as described in running your own PXE-server are necessary.

The OmniBoot server provides a web-server, connect by entering the Server IP (see above) into a browser of another client in the local network to see this site here served by the OmniBoot web-server. The OmniBoot boot medium of the system where you start the OmniBoot server will be mounted and linked to a folder in the OmniBoot web-root named media, all locally found NTFS and ext partitions to a folder named mnt. These links here will only work if you view this site when it is served by OmniBoot server and viewed from a client's webbrowser in the local network.

In order to PXE-boot modules that depend on a NFS- or NBD-server the OmniBoot PXE-server also runs a simple NFS-server and a NBD-server. NFS-shares are named "bootpxe", "media" and "mnt", offering read-only access for every NFS-peer in the local network.

1There is also a local pxe boot kernel in the netboot-submenu and in all keyboard supporting modules' standalone iso. Why boot OmniBoot over the network from a locally booted OmniBoot? If you have no pxe-enabled network device you could use an old base, cd or stand-alone module to boot a current OmniBoot version from a central source in the LAN.