OmniBoot v1.5

Using Debian live linux to build OmniBoot

1. If you speak e.g. German you can enter a language code at boot-time for Debain by pressing [TAB] at the bootscreen and enter:  locales=de_DE keyboard-layouts=de(Note: possibly one blank before this code, since input may start in a newline but right after the last character of the previous line.)

2. Open the filemanager.
3. Click on the left on partition "OmniWork" and navigate on right pane down to OmniBootv1.5/filesystem/boot/make/omniboot
4. If you like to set another default language as US English please edit the file om.cfg (context menu/Leafpad) as described in Customize/Language. If you wish to reduce the size of OmniBoot please check Modules/About to see how to easily remove modules.
5. From Menu/Tools open a shell at current folder
6. Enter (boot prompt shown for illustration)user@debian:/media/OmniWork/OmniBootv1.5/filesystem/boot/make/omniboot$ sudo bash ./om ch 7. Software setup: First the om-script will download and install the mandatory program genisoimage and zip, and the optional programs cabextract, cloop, loadkeys, pigz and pixz before the downloading and building can start.

From here there are no differences to Knoppix, please proceed from there!