OmniBoot v1.5

Was essential for the first version of this page: tabber.js by Patrick Fitzgerald. The javascript had to be removed, since the single-page-idea has reached its limits. The CSS however is still mainly in use.

LockTableHeadSort.html from Stansight was needed for the content table and the language/module table.

Tom Lohave from Geexbox immediately sent a modified init-script on request which allows to boot Geexbox easily over PXE. And the modded lines still work after updating to 3.1!

Ladislav Bodnar, the founder of Distrowatch.Com, wrote a little review. This meant the first major break through for OmniBoot in the public, the first 1000 downloads within 24 hours. And every new release has been kindly announced. OmniBoot would sure be a lot less known around the globe without you, thank you so much!

Ben Zhao, the author of CDLinux, modified his distro on request in order to make it bootable via pxe. He also is a great help in testing and commenting about the project since then, thank you Ben!

Victor Chew, the author of Ultimate Boot-CD, modified his core component according to the OmniBoot-mod that allows to chose a keyboard during boot-time. What a great gesture of cooperation!

Massive testing hardware supply by user Wildfoot, known from, and