OmniBoot v1.5

You can set a default keyboard for OmniBoot by editing the file /boot/lang.cfg. Uncomment one single line setting the default language. If you uncomment more than one language default option, the last one will be effective.

After the next run of the om-script this will be replaced however by the language that is defined in the config-file /boot/make/omniboot/om.cfg in the variable my_lang="".
So in order to permanently select another language you need to change that value instead of the file /boot/lang.cfg and run the om-script subsequently - e.g. to my_lang="french", then bash ./om cGet the spelling and available languages from /boot/lang.cfg.

First this will affect your keyboard at boot time, so you can edit kernel parameters comfortably if you wish. Not every booted distro or tool will offer the same languages as OmniBoot in its default options (as listed in the file lang.cfg). Check the Module Table to view the supported languages.

If a pre-selected language isn't supported by a subsequently booted distro, this distro will start booting with its default language, usually English. However you can get back to the distro's language selection and select another supported keyboard/desktop-language.