OmniBoot v1.5

OmniBoot allows to control the keyboard language at boot time which is important if you like to press [TAB] within OmniBoot's menus to edit boot parameters.

Distros booted with OmniBoot also have different language abilities. Some only support different keyboards, some even offer a nationalized desktop at run-time. Check the Table to view the supported languages.

You can select the boot-keyboard for OmniBoot-menus in the main menu of OmniBoot. The run-time-option of a specific distro is selectable in each distro's submenu.

Preselection (see Customize/Language) works accordingly, so you can preselect a boot-keyboard and if you enter the submenu of a specific distro, this preselection will select the runtime-language-option of that distro (if available).

If a language is selected in both levels that doesn't exist, OmniBoot falls back to the default English.

If you change the language within a distro's submenu this language will remain also selected for boot-keyboard when you return to the OmniBoot main-menu (if available). But this doesn't work the other way around: Coming from OmniBoot-main-menu to a distro's submenu always the preselected language is selected (or defaulting to English if no customization was made).