OmniBoot v1.5

Compresses file and renames it to file.gz with max compression
gzip -9 file

Create a gzipped tar archive of a directory - preserve permissions
tar zcfpv directory.tar.gz directory/

Make compressed archive of dir/ using bzip2
tar -c dir/ | bzip2 > dir.tar.bz2

Extract one file from a .tar.gz file
gzip -dc file.tar.gz | tar xf - pathname/filename

Extract archive using bzip2
bzip2 -dc dir.tar.bz2 | tar -x

Transfer a directory to another server
tar zcf - directory/ | ssh "cd /destination; tar zpxvf -"

Unpack initrd to folder
cpio -id < ../initrdxz -d ../initrd.xzgzip -dc ../initrd.gz | cpio -idlzma -dc -S .lz ./initrd.lz | cpio -id

Repack initrd to file
find ./ | cpio -H newc -o > ../initrdxz --check=crc32 --x86 --lzma2 initrd.xzfind . | cpio --quiet --dereference -o -H newc | gzip -9 > ../initrd.gzfind . | cpio --quiet --dereference -o -H newc | lzma -7 > ../initrd.lz find . | cpio --quiet --dereference -o -H newc | xz --check=crc32 --x86 --lzma2 > ../initrd.xz