OmniBoot v1.5

Show status of ethernet interface eth0
ethtool eth0

Manually set ethernet interface speed
ethtool --change eth0 autoneg off speed 100 duplex full

Show status of wireless interface eth1
iwconfig eth1

Manually set wireless interface speed
iwconfig eth1 rate 1Mb/s fixed

List wireless networks in range
iwlist scan

List network interfaces
ip link show

Rename interface eth0 to wan
ip link set dev eth0 name wan

Bring interface eth0 up (or down)
ip link set dev eth0 up

List addresses for interfaces
ip addr show

List routing table
ip route show

Show active DNS servers
cat /etc/resolv.conf or resolv.conf.netconfig

Set default gateway to
ip route add default via

Lookup DNS ip address for name or vice versa

Lookup whois info for hostname or ip address

Find windows machines. See also findsmb

List shares on windows machine or samba server
smbclient -L windows_box

Mount a windows share
mount -t smbfs -o fmask=666,guest //windows_box/share /mnt/share

Mount a windows share
mount -t cifs -o user=username,password=xxx //windows_box/share /mnt/share

Mount a windows domain share
mount -t cifs -o domain=domainname,user=username,password=xxx //windows_box/share /mnt/share