OmniBoot v1.5

Show kernel version and system architecture
uname -a

Show name and version of distribution
head -n1 /etc/issue

Show root partitions file system creation date.
sudo tune2fs -l $(df -h / |(read; awk '{print $1; exit}')) | grep -i created

Show all partitions registered on the system
cat /proc/partitions

Show RAM total seen by the system
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo

Show CPU(s) info
grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo

Show PCI info
lspci -tv

Show USB info
lsusb -tv

List mounted filesystems on the system (and align output)
mount | column -t

Show state of cells in laptop battery
grep -F capacity: /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info

Display SMBIOS/DMI information
dmidecode -q | less